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Feeling more like winter now

It’s been somewhat quiet since Christmas Eve and great to have some time to relax and spend quality time with loved ones. Some businesses remain closed between Christmas and New Year with many going away or simply opting for a more local retreat. Although I am one of the many that are fortunate enough still to be found in a job and having to work over the Christmas period, lucky for me, I’m working from home this week. I have travelled little over the festive season but I hear roads are fairly quiet. That is great for motorists travelling to work during rush hours on the main arterials and highways.
Christmas is over, New Year is practically here and we’re still hitting 10°C. However, the nature of the current weather is kindly reminding me that we are in the winter season. We’ve had some rain through this week except Monday and my weather station today (Thursday 29th) telling me “It’s raining Cats and Dogs” when we had a short burst of heavy rain. And yes, my weather station does really display that message! It’s rained so heavy on occasion here that a message displaying “It’s raining Pigs and Horses” would have been more appropriate!

Certainly it does feel more wintery since winds have picked up with a maximum today recorded just shy of 50km/h. Wind chill effects at those wind speeds would be most noticeable for anyone out and about. Although this weekend will see temperatures reaching up to possibly 12°C on Saturday, Sunday’s temperature will drop sharply. There is a cold front approaching form the north-west having the north western regions experiencing colder weather than the expected 6°C in Kildare on New Year’s Day. Next week will remain fresh warming up slightly towards the weekend with some rain early in the week.

Gordon Reineke
Contributing Weather Forecaster
Saturday December 31st 2011