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Weather Forecast 
for Eire
Monday January 2nd 2012
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  Headline  Wintry showers.  Chilly.  Windy.
Eire  A cold day for Monday with wintry showers to the west.  At lower levels, it is likely to be a rain/sleet/snow mix, but over higher ground, chiefly snow.  To the east, essentially dry with just a scattering of showers, mainly of rain, but a wintry mix here is possible too.  A similar picture into the evening and overnight, but expect a frost and some icy stretches on the roads.  Chilly in general, breezy.
Maximum Daytime Temperatures:
North:  5c/41f
East:  6c/43f
South:  5c/41f
West:  4c/39f
Minimum Nationwide Overnight Temperature: 
1c/4f to 3c/37f  
Nationwide Winds:  
A breezy day with a moderate/fresh south westerly wind, touching gale force a times, possibly severe gale force.
3 Day Outlook
Remaining unsettled with further showers, turning milder, very windy.
Positive Weather Solutions
Monday January 2nd 2012
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