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Mr A. Thomas - Farmer's Perspective

Fair Run into 2012....
Well, I did tell you I'd get badgered didn't I into producing a post Christmas blog, which to tell you the truth, I don't mind, mainly because every day here is treated as a working day.  Everything needs me or my son's attention so whereas it was a case of light duties only, that still involved some lengthy time spent away from what has been a truly wonderful Christmas atmosphere back at the 'ranch'.
I also had time to nip down and catch up with the gossip in the local town here, and after I had taken the usual round of jibes about me being involved in the phone hacking scandal as I 'write' for a living now, (which I don't of course), I was actually asked for the first time for my opinion on the coming month's weather.  I thought they were taking the Michael but no, it was a serious question.  However, I've a lot to learn about how to answer those sorts of questions if you get my drift.
Personally, having seen the long range on here, it does look like snow won't get much of a look in over the next two months, so my bet is looking shakier than ever now, although I'm not bothered about it.  I may just play double or quits with my boy over the weather for the summer!
Mr A. Thomas
Wednesday December 28th 2011
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