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PWS Statement on Summer 2011 Long-range Forecast

At this point, I am assuming that you have read PWS's Summer 2011 long-range weather forecast, as well as 'Why PWS Issues a Long-range forecast'  If you haven't please do so, as it will make the next few paragraphs more easily understood. 
The forecast that you have read for Summer 2011, (June, July, and August), is the forecast that the media receives, with the only difference being that they receive theirs 24 to 36 hours earlier, before PWS places it on the web site for general consumption.
On Monday, March 28th, 2011, PWS was quoted on the front of the Daily Telegraph with the headline 'A Barbeque August' On the inside of The Sun, their headline read 'Summer Washout'.  So two newspapers, with two different interpretations of what you yourself have just read.
Whilst the Daily Star also followed the path of the Daily Telegraph, the only two newspapers which seemed to have the balance correct, and indeed the quotes correct, were the Daily Express and the Daily Mail, who quite rightly went along the lines of a mixed June and July, with August possibly offering the best of the weather. 
If you can see the word 'barbeque' in our August forecast, please let us know. 
Jonathan Powell
Senior Weather Forecaster
Monday March 28th 2011