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A Crowning Moment in Long-range Weather Forecasting for PWS

As predicted in what must be now considered one of the most staggering pieces of long-range weather forecasting in recent meteorological history, Positive Weather Solutions accurately forecast the weather for Westminster on the day of the Royal Wedding, 156 days in advance.
The long-range weather forecast for William and Kate's day:-
The Forecast - Issued Wednesday November 24th 2010:-
"It will be essentially dry with sunny spells, although there is likely to be some cloud, so glorious sunshine is unlikely,” said Jonathan Powell, senior forecaster at Positive Weather Solutions.

“Mild, warm weather is more or less certain, with temperatures in the late teens or early twenties.”

The Outcome - Friday April 29th 2011:-
It was essentially dry with sunny spells, and indeed, there was some cloud around which broke up into sunny spells as the day wore on, but no spells of lengthy glorious sunshine.  Temperatures reached 19 Celsius during the afternoon, above the seasonal norm for the time of year and it did feel pleasant in the sunshine.
The PWS Team
Friday April 29th 2011