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Just to say a big thank you to all at positive weather for getting  it right, I'm a keen cyclist
and check the website every single day. 

Best wishes

Lucy Porter
Hello there

I love your site and the information.

Many thanks

Mr J. Crossley 
Hi Guys,

Just wanted to say how usefull and accurate your weather
forcasts are, i use your web site most days and can pretty
much know i'm safe with what you have to say.

I have Tried using  met check and various others but
gotta hand it to you, i go fishing every weekend an thanks
to you dont get caught out without my brolly.


I always turn to your site first thing in the morning and I trust it. I think it is more than time that we had independent forecasts given air time.
June Gale
We have found them, (the weather forecasts),  very useful and would like to re-subscribe in the future.
Thanks once again
Mr H. (Agri-Cast client)
We like the term Positive Weather Solutions – you certainly live up to the name.

Many thanks again,

Don and Pat Talbot

‘Down Under’ - (Bribane, Australia)

(1/2) I always refer to the PWS website for the weather ..... accurate, concise & and to the point.
(2/2) Please keep up the fantastic work.
Mr D. Bunting

I appreciate your accurate forecasts, all my friend now know about Positive weather solutions.

Best regards

Mrs B. Kane  

I will continue to view PWS for my accurate weather forcasts.

Kind regards

Mr M. Laverack

Well done!! Spot on!  Had a few spits of rain at 9.00am and the rest of the day was beautiful, as was Sunday and Monday for clearing up!!  We also use your web site on our boat. 
Many thanks. 
Jean Bannister (Wedding Bells Client)
I use PWS all the time and think it’s great.
Thanks again


This year about right so far, (comment received mid-May 2011), well done, and-not so much tit for tat either now thats what makes you good !.

Best regards

I've been following your website reports for quite sometime, and I am very impressed with the accuracy you and the amount of information you put into your forecasts, well done to to you all.
A J Monaghan
The Wedding Bells forecast for my day couldn't have been more spot on!
It's silly because you don't make the weather (do you?!), but on the day it felt like PWS had blessed us with the Sunshine, which promptly came out for the duration of the photo-shoot exactly as predicted. 

Your predictions gave me peace of mind, exactly what I was looking for, that everyone would make it to the wedding ok. They were prompt and personal and I can't believe what fantastic value they are.

I just wish that more people in the UK knew about your services.
All the best and a massive thank you for all your hard work.
Keep up the sterling work!
Samantha Weston 
Hello , My name is Dean Arnold , i live in Swindon Wiltshire , i just wanted to say that i visit your website every day and think you do a great job , i used to only use the met office site but very rarely use it at all now.
Thanks for what you do.
Dean Arnold.
Hi just like to mention how much I like your weather forecasts and perfect weather forecasting. 
Andy Couper 
(1/3 e-mails).  Oh many thanks for the first installment of the Wedding Bells weather forcast - so pleased with the service you provide.  Looking forward to the daily updates and many thanks once again for your kind attention.
(2/3 e-mails).  Many thanks for everything - yes we are so very very lucky with the weather - and we are thrilled with the forcast - brollies have been tucked away and sun hats out!!!! many thanks once again - fabulous kindest regards to you all.
(3/3 e-mails) many thanks for everything - what a wonderful day we had - and yes partly due to the most unbelieveable weather - we were so lucky - will certainly recommend this wonderful service to other friends as and when they have any special days.
Julia Williams
Really like the new page format - so much easier to read! And appreciate your forecasts as an alternative to the met office....
Andrea Sutcliffe
Just to say I am a newcomer to PWS and have found your forecasts generally to be very impressive.
From a regular golfer,
Thank You
We trust yourselves rather than met office!  Thanks again.

Wendy Mills

Please keep up the good work. 
Mr J. Punch
Firstly, well done with your forecasting! Its very interesting that a small outfit like yours can produce better results than the 'big boys'. (If the Government wants to make savings, maybe it should start  by trimming down the Met. Office!).
But keep up the good work, and the best of luck for your future success.
P. Williams
Morning All, (Wedding Bells Forecasting)
I just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for your hard work and multiple forecasts running up to our wedding day. Apologies for my delay in this, we have been away on honeymoon and had internet problems when we returned!
As the day turned out you were dead on the money, we had a little rain at 1.30 but it brightened up quickly and we were able to take all our photos in sunshine. We then had another shower which luckily didn’t effect us as we were seated for our meal at the time! Apart from that it was a clear and sunny evening. We have a number of friends planning to get married in 2012 and I will definitely be recommending your service to them.

Many thanks again,

Mrs R. Butler (Nee Skinner)  

Many thanks for your forecasts over the past week.  We were able to dress appropriately for the conditions every day.

Thanks very much.


Hi Jon,
Just a quick email to thank you for your forecasts. I am very impressed with the accuracy of the information that you provided.
Thanks again.


I do find the blogs by you two, (Lisa and Cheryl), most refreshing.
Indeed the whole of PWS is just lovely.  You are all very human (with the frailties of the human race - I hope)
Seriously, I find your observations of the weather most refreshing and to actually know the folk behind is wonderful.
Whatever - keep up the good work.
Bless you all.
David (Robinson)
I just wanted to say how much I love your website. It's very easy to understand for the layman without being patronising. I also like the way you commit yourselves by giving proper detailed forecasts rather than bland "fits-all " descriptions.
I wish you the best of luck...and hope you get to take over from the hopeless Met Office...
Mr S. Collins
I remain a great fan of Positive Weather Solutions! 
Mrs H. Scott
I have to say that despite the unfortunate turnabout in the August forecast, you guys have been by far and away the most accurate website when it comes to needing to know what lies ahead.
You had the guts to stick your neck out back in March and predict a ‘favourable’ summer and would have been spot on had it not been for that blasted Jet stream!!!
Mr M. Valledy
good day to you all at what i think is a fantastic weather station
Mr R. Joyce

I live in the UK Midlands and went on holiday on the South West coast of Ireland during the first 2 weeks of August. Based on your forecast I was confident of good weather and that is what we got. Plenty of sunshine, little rain (and most of that fell at night!!), temperature maybe a little lower than expected as the winds were NW, and a bonus was the fabulous clear night we experienced watching the meteor shower. A good forecast


Mr M. O’Brien

dear  pws i am one  of  your site  users  always  go by your  weather   details every  day  better than the  meet office  gould you  possibly  let me  know the forecast for the bank  hoiday i  live  in lincolnshire  my post  code  is dn365ur   say  high  to cherly   like  your  new  weather  site keep  up the  good  work  
K. T.
More accurate than the MET, breath of fresh air (!), are adjectives that come to mind

Mr N Musson
Much better service than the Met Office
Mrs N Critten
I can't thank everyone at PWS enough. I was hugely impressed by the whole team at PWS and by the Wedding Bells Service. The service was tailored so that we could plan every part of the day right down to whether or not it would be dry for fireworks later on in the evening. When the weather was looking a bit touch and go, the team were on call to deal with any last minute bridal panics and responded to any questions we had with patience and a sense of humour. I have already recommended the service to a number of friends who are planning their weddings at the moment and would certainly use PWS again if I were planning a big event.
Many thanks again.

Mrs C. Fraser
oh and positive weather solutions in a very useful site :) x
Mr H. Broughton
A while ago i read that you guys have been predicting the last few years of seasons correctly while the Met office has been getting it wrong, so first of all, congratulations!
Mr J. Hockin
I am fairly new to your web site. I decided to visit yours instead of the usual Met Office one as I've read in newspapers Positive Weather Solutions is much more accurate than the Met Office.
Mrs N Waren
Your winter forecast was excellent, and the summer forecast is pretty much as you said.  Congratulations!
Mr S. Mothe
"My friends, family and I all rely on Positive Weather Solutions for accurate weather predictions!  I love that you are prepared to stick your necks out for long term range forecasting and respect you for your continued accuracy!"

Mrs H. Scott
Thank you for these detailed forecasts they have been really helpful so far and I know the daily updates will be of tremendous help leading up to the event.
Thanks for this it’s not looking too bad. Here over the last few days we haven’t had that much rain just odd and passing showers with bright intervals although it’s been very blustery but  no torrential rain yet!

On Sunday showers we can cope with, its just heavy persistent rain that would be very unwelcome.  We just hope for a dry or relatively dry day.  These forecasts have been brilliant. Thank you.

Mrs K Ross

You did me proud with your forecast for my week on a narrow boat in Lancashire and Yorkshire - the only downside for canal users (Leeds Liverpool) they are looking at having to close sections of it early next month because of lack of water!
Mrs V. Hargreaves

Oh and this is a brilliant weather site, providing what i think is the most accurate weather forecasting out of all weather sites.

Mr H Bean

As someone who absolutely hates the heat, I was so glad to read your clarification of this summer's forecast.  I am so sick and tired of being told that everyone in England is a sun-worshipper.  This is patently not true as many of us really do suffer when the temperatures reach the high 80s.  I suggest that the journalists who wilfully misinterpret your data (and who is paying them to do so???) travel, like I do, on the Tube every day when the temperature must be over 100 degrees Fahrenheit!
Mrs S. Palin
‘I contacted PWS 2 weeks before I went on holiday to Cornwall. Lots of other sites were screaming doom and gloom, but PWS gave me a very swift, concise and re-assuring report which in the end turned out to be 100% accurate. This is the reason why I always go to them first when I need to know what the weather holds. First class and very friendly!’

Mr M. Valledy