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Weather Forecast 
for the
United Kingdom
Monday January 2nd 2012
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Headline  Showers. Chilly. Gales.
Shetland & Orkney  Wintry showers, brighter spells.  Rain late PM.  Temperature:  Daytime:  3c/37f  Overnight: 0c/32f  Winds:  SW 23 G 44
Scotland  Some heavy showers chiefly to the west, elsewhere, sunshine and showers.  Over the hills, expect snow, perhaps at lower levels for a time.  Organised rain late PM.  Temperature:  Daytime:  4c/39f  Overnight: -1c/30f  Winds:  SW 25 G 40
Northern Ireland  Scattered wintryshowers, sunny spells. Organised rain late PM.  Temperature:  Daytime:  5c/41f   Overnight:  2c/36f  Winds:   SW 18 G 39
Wales (N&S)  Dry north, wet south, wintry showers over the hills.  Heavy rain moving in late on.  Temperature:  Daytime:  6c/43f Overnight: 3c/37f  Winds:  SW 25 G 40
Northern England (W&E)  W - Dry and sunny, rain late PM. E - Dry and sunny, rain late PM.   Temperature:  Daytime:  5c/41f  Overnight:  2c/36f  Winds:  SW 24 G 41
Midlands  Dry and sunny, rain late PM.  Temperature:  Daytime:  5c/41f  Overnight:  3c/37f  Winds:  SW 14 G 28
East of England  Dry and sunny, rain late PM.   Temperature:  Daytime:  5c/41f  Overnight: 3c/37f  Winds:  SW 15 G 29
South E England  Occasionally showers, essentially dry and sunny, rain late PM.  Temperature:  Daytime 6c/43f  Overnight:  4c/39f  Winds:  SW 11 G 25
South W England  Scattered showers, sunny spells, organised rain late on.   Temperature:  Daytime:  7c/45f  Overnight: 3c/37f  Winds:  SW 26 G 43
3 Day Outlook
Remaining unsettled, milder, still very windy.
PWS Team
Jonathan Powell
Ray Anthony 
Gordon Reineke
Emily Quiggin
Trevor Appleton
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