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Winter 2011/12
Winter 2011-12: Occasional Wintry Weather, Often Dry in South

February – chill and mild mix, drier in South and East


Following the general theme of the winter there are indications that February over the British Isles will offer some unsettled weather, occasionally mild, with spells of rain coupled with the risk of strong winds. There are hints for episodes of colder air moving across northern parts of Britain in particular; some sleet and snow will from time to time embed within these air flows leading to coverings that will be more frequent in upland areas. Eastern areas will typically remain drier. There will also be some lengthier settled passages, these most likely across southern regions. Indeed in the South conditions towards the end of the month may begin to feel somewhat springlike. Overall temperatures are likely to conclude close to the norm; rainfall in the North also looks set to reflect around average values, whilst the South is likely to turn drier than usual.

Jonathan Powell/Ray Anthony
Forecast Issued:  Tuesday October 18th 2011
Forecast Updated:  Saturday January 7th 2012