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UN Climate Change Conference, Copenhagen, December 7th to December 18th, 2009
Statement - Positive Weather Solutions
Positive Weather Solutions has never believed that climate change in its current presented state, actually exists.
By 'current presented state', we mean, how the actuality of climate change has been presented to the world.  It has been sold by means of scare mongering, evoking an almost panic like state amongst ordinary people, who have not been allowed to reach their own conclusions when presented with the facts.  However, there lies the problem, what facts?
The 'facts' simply don't add up, and are riddled with mere speculative conjecture.  They are also open to interpretation, which in simple terms, makes for a jumbled mass of statistics, with the hurried conclusion, that if we don't act now, our planet is doomed to succumb to the miseries of a runaway climate.
Based on the 'facts' presented, (which make for a work of art in incomprehensible nonsense, possibly deliberately so), it appears to PWS that no matter what we do from this point onwards, we can only slow down this process of global warming, and indeed, the point of no return has already been passed.  All attempts to inhibit and restrict carbon emissions etc, from now on, would appear to be futile.
In our opinion, the current global conditions, are simply part of a cyclical pattern of weather our many centuries, a series of 'roller coaster' type weather events relating to temperatures, and at present, we are on an incline.
In the decades to follow, affairs will right themselves, as the roller coaster flattens and starts a downward trend, thus moving the cycle onwards.  Nothing what so ever to do with a significant and sustained shift in climate.
In conclusion, we submit to the Conference that not every weather forecasting body is sold on climate change, and PWS for one, believes that until there is firm, cast iron facts, then this alarmist approach can only serve to unnecessarily frighten the public at large.  Think carefully about your next move, as there are greater issues facing planet Earth that need our attention right now.
Jonathan Powell
Senior Weather Forecaster
Positive Weather Solutions
Friday 27th November 2009