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Are you getting married?
If so, we expect you're concerned about what the weather will do on your big day? 
Despite all that preparation, there's one thing you can't order, book, or reserve, (yet), .....................and that's the weather!
At PWS, we'd like to take away the worry about what the weather is going to do on your special day, by offering our 'Wedding Bells' service, which in a nutshell, works like this.
Upon telling us when you're planning to wed, we will provide you with a specially tailored, personal forecast, up to and of course including, the big day itself. 
Months in advance, our long range forecast will give you an idea of the pattern of weather expected around during the month of your wedding.
With a month to go, we will contact you with a weekly update of how the weather is looking for the intended day. 
With a week to go, we'll update you daily, and on the eve of the wedding, we will provide you with hour by hour analysis of your day.
And that's not all, we'll even provide you with your honeymoon weather if you want.
Contact us today for a price and further information at